Friday, November 22, 2019

Personal Ethics paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Personal Ethics paper - Essay Example In certain cases these all are being determined by the universities or any other institutional bodies of the university but the professors’ decision are also involved. the paper looks at different ethical codes of conduct and the leadership principles which the college professor’s are expected to incorporate in their day-to-day professional demeanor. Professors are the members of the university who teaches the students on behalf of the University. Hence as the University has certain rules and regulation the professor also follows certain ethics and principles while imparting education to the students. Teaching is regarded as an art and while teaching certain things are always taken into concerns like the way things are to be taught and what is to be taught. (Markie, 1994, p. 3) There are certain professional responsibilities which are expected from the college teachers. (A statement of principles for college teacher of education, 1954, p. 128) The relationship of the student and teacher is generally cooperative and there are significant sets of power that has been granted to the teachers. And the individual power of the teacher is very obvious in the classroom where the teachers or the professors determine the on goings of the class and evaluate the performance of the students. He has the sole power to do it. The power that has been given to the professors can be utilized to make it â€Å"supportive† or â€Å"destructive†. (Markie, 1994, p. 6) The ethical professor should be guided by the basic three principles, they are: â€Å"demonstration of equity and fairness†, â€Å"attention to cheating†, â€Å"responsible use of power†. (Klein, 2005, p. 4) Benjamin Bloom (1956) categorized learning activities into three essential parts- cognitive (including mental performance and the quest for knowledge), affective (encourage feelings and passion or generate the right attitude) and psychomotor (physical skills and manual efforts). the effective leadership of the college

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