Monday, November 18, 2019

Motivation in Pixar Animation Studios Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Motivation in Pixar Animation Studios - Essay Example It was to provide professional film making services majorly on animation and cartoons. This was after realizing that skills in information technology as related to animation were the major requirement. The first step was to gather resources and execute the plans. Consequently, the basic resources were in place and it was time to face the reality of it (Downs 2002). Management of the organization was a significant hitch as there was a need to hire professionals for various positions. The management team had to apply professional skills in ensuring efficient operation of the organization. As the organization grew bigger, there was a need for more staffing with the help of the HRM. This was carried out as per the needs at each point so as to balance out all activities carried out. An evaluation of the employee performance had to be done periodically so as to monitor the functionality of every position. As a result, changes on the positions and number of employees required in every duty had to take place accordingly. The HRM was charged with the responsibility of ensuring efficient staffing. Through this way, the organization has made tremendous steps towards attaining an excellent status. All these have been attributed to by the motivational factors, courtesy of the HRM and other stakeholders in influential positions within Pixar The objectives and activities of the company Pixar Pixar animation studios have an identity as an award winning animation studio embracing abilities in technical and creative productions. An assurance of these is by the creation of new features in animations in the new generation merchandise. Currently the organization has developed into a pioneer producer of technology applied in computer graphics and animations among other software developments (Wallace 2004). The studio aims at combining skills in proprietary technology with talents regarded to be of a world class in developing computer animated outputs with the support of memory. The industry made a brave turn into the film business from its initial venture and made more emphasis on the resources. Sustaining the innovation and creative behavior within the business called for brave actions to enable more output as compared to before. Proper coordination of the finances and the employees was one of the factors that led to the success of the organization. This depicts how important employee motivation is crucial to the survival of a business. Case motivation HRM practices Strategic management in the company was the yardstick to its success. This involved the use of strategic management skills applied by the management in handling all its operations. The major reason for establishing a strategic plan in management is to attain competitive advantage. These strategic management theories change from time to time regarding the customer needs. The fact that Pixar had roots from technology and art, played a role in the setting of the strategic management. Edwin Catmull to ok advantage of his passion for animation and made a team of individuals with similar interests such as George Lucas to work out on computer animations. This did not work out for them despite Luca's unwilling nature to venture in other areas other than animations as effected by computers. Steve jobs then surfaced to buy Edwin's unit before

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